We’re reaching back to our roots (well, 1/2 of our roots, anyway) to create a new and exciting brewery menu, deeply influenced by the flavors and character of Puerto Rico. We created City Built to blur the line of what a brewery can be, and for us, nothing shows that more than our decidedly non-traditional brewhouse fare.

Don’t settle for yet another brewery sandwich. Something new is waiting at City Built Brewing.


Puerto Rican Cuisine has its roots in the cooking traditions and practices of Europe (mostly Spain), Africa and the native Taínos. But we think the heart of Puerto Rican cuisine is the hospitality.

“I tell a story about my grandfather,” says owner Ed. “He used to pick up friends of my father’s at the airport in Puerto Rico, many of whom he’d never met before. As is customary, he would first take them back to his and my grandmother’s home, where she would prepare a delicious meal for them.

San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1941, Courtesy of vintage.es

“One evening, after picking up a family at the airport, taking them home, feeding them a delicious meal, he noticed that they were looking a bit uncomfortable at the table. Finally, he asked, ‘So, who are you?’

“The man looked at my grandfather blankly, and said his name. My grandfather raised his eyebrows. As it turns out, the family had been waiting at the airport for a cab to bring them to a hotel down the road. My grandfather had been so welcoming and insistent that they ride with him that they just followed along, and were treated to my grandmother’s famous cooking by happy accident.”

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