We want to show love for the craft by making the strange become the familiar, and the familiar fresh and bold. We will join the growing number of those resisting monocultural, industrial beer with strength through diversity.

Beer Selection

Tier 1

Creme de la Cream Ale
Cream Ale

Tier 2

Flower Power
Green Tea Chamomile Pale Ale

Wheat IPA

Cascading into Darkness
Black IPA

Drunen Uncle Dunkel Wheat
Dunkelweiss / Wheat Porter

Tier 3

Floral Saison

Kettle sour Saison

Tier 4

Chaga Khan
Chaga Chocolate Stout

Northeast Dry Hop IPA


Flower Power

A beer that grew from a much-loved homebrew recipe, now on tap for everyone to enjoy. This brew is a green tea chamomile pale ale with a lightly floral aroma, a subtle bitterness and a dry finish.