We want to show love for the craft by making the strange become the familiar, and the familiar fresh and bold. We will join the growing number of those resisting monocultural, industrial beer with strength through diversity.

Beer Selection

Tier 1

GR Fjord
Norwegian Multigrain Farmhouse with Tangerine Peel •  Light and Refreshing •  Complex Malts and Bitter Finish• ABV 4.8%

Creme de la Cream Ale
Cream Ale • Imminently Quaffable • “I like lite beer” • ABV 5.6%

Tier 2

Boomtown Brown
Sacks of Cascade, Centennial, Azacca & Belma Hops • Sliver of Sweetness • Smidgen of Chocolate Wheat Malt• ABV 6.1%

Canal Street Porter
Dark • Robust • Roasty • ABV 6.1%

Wheat IPA • Crisp & Citrus • ABV 6%

Tier 3

Gramma’s Kisses
American Wheat Ale • Peaches Rolled in Rosemary & Smoked • ABV 5.2%

Kettle Sour Saison • Soured with Yogurt • Tart Yet Smooth & Fruity • ABV 6%

Floral Saison
Flowered with Hibiscus, Lavender and Chamomile Petals • A Walk in the Park • Light and Airy • 5.6%

Tier 4

Sackner Abbey Tripel
Alligator Pepper (Grains of Paradise) • Mild Belgian Esters • Soft & Sweet • ABV 10%

Cherry Moon
Michigan Sweet Cherries • TKBY Base • Touch of Vanilla • ABV 6%

Thyme Out of Mind
Thyme • Michigan Blueberries • Local Honey • ABV 5.8%

Northeast IPA • 40lbs of Dry Hops for 10 Barrels • Silky Body • Fruitroma • 6.4%


Gramma’s Kisses

A beer that grew from a much-loved homebrew recipe, now on tap for everyone to enjoy. We took peaches, rolled them in rosemary and smoked them to the nines, and added them to this American Wheat Ale. This smokey, sweet and spiced ale reminds us of Gramma after poker night.   ABV 5.2%